Welcome to Birmingham's business charter for social responsibility

A Birmingham social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximse improvements in human and environmental well-being. This website is dedicated to finding that balance between business success and people support.

Our years of policy and strategy development and of building partnerships at the highest level have given us unrivalled skill and know-how across a vast range of scenarios:

  • Working with the public sector, advising on programmes to support healthy behaviours, protect the environment and enhance public safety
  • In Europe, we helped the British Council design a stakeholder engagement strategy for their social entrepreneurship programme
  • Developing a 'value for money' tool with top health economists and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).
  • We help organisations use research tools to understand their customers and develop more effective behaviour change programmes

Birmingham's business charter for social responsibility

A vibrant city centre and flourishing neighbourhoods create an environment for successful businesses. Over 290 companies in Birmingham are helping achieve this vision by committing to undertake activities offered on this website.

why should my business get involved?

Research has proven that socially responsible businesses outperform their competitors.* On this website you will find all sorts of socially responsible activities that can help your business.  In return, the City will acknowledge your contribution by awarding your company a 'charter' certificate and invite you to events. This website will enable you to find out information on who can help you undertake an activity, if needed, and allow you to publicise your company's best practice, as well as look up the success stories from other companies.

what should I do next?

Simply look at the three menus - economic, social and environmental - and identify what activities your business is already doing, as well as those you would like to do in the next 12 months. Either register and pledge now or take a look at this example.

If you are a charity, community group or public sector organisation that can help a business with any activities on our menus please click here.

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